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With a robust 17-year background in coaching and personal development, I am a seasoned positive change coach dedicated to facilitating healing and transformation. Specializing in acute stress and anxiety management, I offer business and relationship coaching to navigate challenging times. My intuitive approach enables me to uncover hidden emotions and identify obstacles, guiding individuals toward their true potential with precision and empathy. Trained under renowned mentor Iyanla Vanzant and certified in Visionary Cranial Therapy, I bring a wealth of expertise to my practice. Additionally, as an ordained Minister of Spiritual Consciousness since 2010 and a graduate of the 4-year program at Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, I possess deep spiritual insights. Certified as an Emotional Intelligence Instructor, and leveraging my experience as a former CrossFit Trainer and gym owner, I founded One Belief A Day Meditation to empower individuals and businesses to navigate change and unlock their fullest potential with mindfulness practices.

"My memoir, "I Met God in A Nightclub: The Unconventional Truth," not only reflects my profound spiritual journey but also serves as a testament to the transformative power of authenticity and self-discovery. It quickly soared to Amazon #1 Best Seller status within the first 6 hours of publication, resonating with readers worldwide. Additionally, I've extended my commitment to community impact by publishing "My Very Best Day: A creative collection from the minds of Mrs. Davis's 2019 2nd Grade Class" on, empowering young minds through creative expression. Through literacy initiatives and meditation training, I strive to inspire the next generation to embrace mindfulness and unlock their limitless potential. With a passion for personal and collective growth, I am dedicated to guiding individuals and businesses towards lasting positive change."

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