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My Very Best Day 

2019 Giveback Project

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Best_Day_Book_094433_TAI14662-Edit (1).jpg

My Very  Best Day 

A creative collection from the minds of Mrs. Davis's 2019 2nd Grade Class Beachland Elementary

Vero Beach, Florida


My Very Best Day project was born in the same way most things come into being with an idea. As a Master Life Coach and self published  author I know first hand what it takes to bring a dream into reality and how powerful the process and journey of writing a book was for me personally and professionally.

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This year Authorize Love wanted to give back to our community and what better way then to nourish the spirits of tomorrow's most creative beings. 

This project spanned 4 months working weekly with the students in 30 minutes sessions. Week by week we built the foundation for their imaginations to thrive and improved their writing skills.

101400_TAI17356 (1)_edited.jpg

 We used a variety of tools to inspire and expand the minds of the students including multiple rounds of editing and illustrating both their own stories and the cover. Each story you will read in these pages is alive in the hearts and minds of these amazing 2nd graders.

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